Art Engine
Custom Plugins

Inputs Interface

All input plugins in the Art Engine implement the InputInterface<InputDataType> interface. This interface defines the basic structure that an input plugin should follow.

interface InputInterface<InputDataType> {
  init: (props: InputInitPropsInterface) => Promise<void>;
  load: () => Promise<InputDataType>;
  • InputInterface<InputDataType>: This is the main interface for an input plugin. It's parameterized with a generic type, InputDataType, which represents the type of data that the input plugin will produce.
  • init(props: InputInitPropsInterface) => Promise<void>: This method is used to initialize the input plugin. It takes an object of type InputInitPropsInterface as an argument, which contains the seed. The method returns a promise that resolves when the initialization is complete.
  • load() => Promise<InputDataType>: This method is responsible for loading and retrieving the input data. It returns a promise that resolves to an object of type InputDataType, which is the actual input data produced by the plugin.
interface InputInitPropsInterface {
  seed: string;

InputInitPropsInterface: This is an interface that defines the properties required to initialize an input plugin. In this case, there's a single property defined:

  • seed: This is a string value that serves as a seed for deterministic behavior. The seed can be used to ensure that the same input plugin produces the same output when initialized with the same seed.